Listening To Killers by Dr. James Garbarino

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Clients:

I would like to endorse a book that should be on the top of everyone’s reading list and recognized as the definitive text on its subject. Not only is renowned psychologist and author, Dr. James Garbarino a leading expert in understanding violent behavior (and the CNN go to guy), but he is also a close, personal friend and mentor of mine. His knowledge, compassion, insight, and unmatched experience provide us with an amazing opportunity to learn the path that lead children to violence. Listening to Killers, his most recent book, is the best I have read.

ILTK cover

James Garbarino has authored some of the most eye-opening, informative books on the subject and I highly recommend them all. In particular, pick up a copy of Lost Boys, See Jane Hit, and And Words Can Hurt Forever (among many others he’s authored). Jim’s books will forever change you as a parent, a professional, and a friend.


For those of us in the field of mental health, law enforcement, and education, it is our role to understand where these behaviors originate in order to be more effective in the delivery of our respective services. But society has a tremendous responsibility that often gets overlooked or ignored. And while many enjoy the familiar role of armchair quarterback when the media highlights seemingly “senseless” acts of violence, society must learn to identity its own contribution to the emotional damage and effect on how these children become killers.

Please – buy this book for yourself and for every single person you know. I did.

Be safe, and as always, please email us anytime with questions, comments, or concerns… and don’t forget to check out our new forum!

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