Helping a Child Manage Fears after a Traumatic Event

Children of all ages may have strong reactions to traumatic events such as shootings, fires, plane crashes, or other violent crimes. Even children who are generally happy and well-adjusted may find such tragedies confusing or frightening, whether they have been directly involved or have heard about … Read More »

Denial and Avoidance – the Silent Killers

We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. Perhaps last night the weatherman was calling for snow before morning. So, just in case he was actually right this time, you jumped in the car and ran out to the local market at the last moment possible. You know the drill. This is evidenced by the … Read More »

Workplace Violence Can Be Deadly

No matter how strong you think you are, you’ve probably felt vulnerable at some point in your life -- even if only for an instant. When the situation that makes you feel vulnerable is your job, and you depend on it to make your mortgage payment or provide for your children, the discomfort can last … Read More »

What to do about a Stalker?

Fundamentally, stalking is a series of actions that puts a person in fear for their safety. The stalker may follow you, harass you, call you on the telephone, watch your house, and send you mail you don't want, or act in some other way that frightens you. Stalkers involve themselves in both your … Read More »

Can People Find Me Online? Be Aware!

If you think your name, your identity and your personal information isn’t all over the internet just because you’re one of the rare people who hardly ever goes online, you might want to think again. Do you have utility service to your home? Are the accounts in your name? Do you have a telephone? Do … Read More »

Predators: When is a Restraining Order Right for Me?

Over the course of the last decade, the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Eva Mendes, Sharon Stone, Sandra Bullock and Justin Timberlake have all sought restraining orders. They went to court, they told a judge a fan was scaring them, and they received the protection of an order, requiring the fan to stay … Read More »

How to Protect Your Children from Online Predators

Sadly, children can find themselves in danger without even leaving the privacy of their home. In today’s internet age, predators can lurk online, preying on innocent children who browse the web. The anonymity the internet offers makes identifying friend from foe virtually impossible; making online … Read More »

Defending Yourself Against Domestic Violence

Alice Cooper crooned the #12 US Billboard hit “Only Women Bleed” in 1975. But Alice Cooper had that wrong. According to the Domestic Violence Resource Center, 25 percent – approximately one in four – women experience domestic abuse at the hands of a loved one. They’re the victims in 85 percent of … Read More »

A Child Predator

Parenting is arguably one of the trickiest jobs there is. One of our biggest responsibilities is to maintain a safe environment for our children at home and to ensure their safety wherever we go. But, unfortunately, we simply can’t monitor our children every minute of every day. During those times … Read More »

Dealing with a Stalker

It’s a little after midnight and you’re headed for bed. You’re drowsy, feeling peaceful, and you decide to check your email one last time. Or maybe you reach for the living room drapes to draw them closed before you call it a night. And there he – or she – is again. Monitoring your activities. … Read More »

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